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As we enter a new era in aerospace development, it’s clear that new technologies, enabling an end-to-end digital thread, are helping OEMs revolutionize their product development life cycle. As new electrical technology is introduced, the overall system has become more complex, this has made it harder to meet compliance using outdated approaches.  This webinar explores the many challenges aerospace OEMs and suppliers face today and how a move to the model-based enterprise (MBE) lowers program risk and delivers new avenues for innovation in electrical systems and their integration into the platform.

What you will learn:

  • How to automate and manage electrical compliance verification and reporting using model-based engineering
  • How applying the digital thread reduces electrical system program risk throughout the development lifecycle
  • Real-world examples of where these methods have helped OEMs achieve first time success, improve platform quality and profitability


Anthony M. Nicoli
Director Aerospace & Defense

Tera Schroeder
Aerospace Solutions Architect

Michael Bruno, Moderator
Aviation Week