Relentless Innovation
Webinar Date & Time: October 6th @ 1pm EST
Innovation has always been a hallmark of the Aerospace and Defense industry but the demands have changed as new A&D players innovate at an increasingly accelerated pace.

IT is expected to be part of meeting these new demands, not just around innovation but how IT is provided to the business, IT as an enabler to innovation around enterprise business systems is increasingly important. IT can support the core product lifecycle in a nimbler fashion and enable and provide core product capabilities and innovation.

How are CIO organizations responding? They need to build a team with an innovation mindset, collaborate with the business, bring in the best from other industries and leverage ecosystem partners.

Join Accenture for a two-part session virtually via the webinar and live at Aerospace Incubator 2021, this November 1-2 in Miami, FL. Grab a “front-row” seat as they demonstrate how to bring about change management to deliver results and develop strategies and architectures that are value focused, integrated with the business along with an implementation roadmap and value realization plan..
Chris Tridico, Managing Director

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