Aviation Week Network Webinar Series
Complimentary Webinar:
Winter of Discontent

October 22, 2020
8:00am-8:30am EDT

With COVID cases on the rise, travel restrictions increasing, and the typically subdued northern hemisphere winter travel season approaching, we take a closer look at how severely the industry will be affected. 

  • What will the increased restrictions due to already heavily impacted demand? 
  • How can airports survive winter? 
  • How will airlines respond to the changing trading environment?
Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss these questions and more. 


Maria Kouroupi, Senior Manager Aviation Development, Marketing and Communication, Hermes Airports

Vicki Jaramillo, Senior Director, Marketing & Air Service Development, Orlando International Airport

David Casey, Senior Network Planning Editor, Routes

Nigel Mayes, Senior Vice President Consulting & Product Development, ASM

Moderated by Wes Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes

Questions? Contact us directly by emailing Samantha.Howard@aviationweek.com.