Military Parts Database
Locate intricate details on over 1.6 million military components in Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Military Parts Database. Custom research and reports provide aggregated defense and government procurement information that is cross-referenced with technical engineering data, along with historical intelligence dating back to the 1960s.

Features of the database include:

  • Details broken down by characteristics such as contract values, and other vital information, such as DoD standard pricing, milspecs and technical drawings.
  • Solicitations, contracts, and awards: includes values, quantities, dates, modifications, history, work locations, issuing agencies and contact information along with PDFs of contracts for complete details.
  • Suppliers and vendors: Over 20,000 program suppliers covering, including the cage codes, contact information, descriptions and capabilities.
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Combining Logistics and Engineering Data
C-130 Example

  • Total NSNs: 180,630
  • 2019 Total Awards: 5,438
  • Global Fleet: 1,194 Active
  • Total Suppliers: 1,744
  • Annual RFQ: $562,647,067

Rely on Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Military Parts Database to provide you the
detailed information you need on different aircraft components.