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Aviation Week Intelligence Network’s Market Briefings allow you to access to the essential news, insights, data and intelligence from industry leading analysts. Each briefing is conveniently delivered right to your inbox so you can stay up-to-date on the programs, organizations and developments that you need to know about.


Aerospace Daily

The daily market briefing that aerospace and defense leaders rely on. Receive the latest, critical intelligence on programs, budgets and policies in defense, as well as military and civil space.


The Weekly of Business Aviation

Covering the business of business aviation, The Weekly of Business Aviation provides fleet information, delivery and activity reports, market data and forecasts and Q&As with industry leaders.


Aviation Daily

Critical insight for executives focusing on commercial aviation. Receive airline and airport strategy, data snapshots of key airlines, fares data, and international coverage daily.



Stay up-to-date on the commercial & business aviation markets with SpeedNews' concise, quick-read signature format. Each edition contains vital intelligence on supplier news, mergers & acquisitions, aircraft transactions and more.

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