Aviation Week Network offers two distinct versions of Fleet Discovery – civil and military.

Each version of Fleet Discovery provides the aircraft insight needed to generate new revenue.
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Fleet Discovery

Fleet Discovery Civil

With more than 220,000 aircraft on over 825 civil and business aviation aircraft, Fleet Discovery Civil is the trusted resource when you need to know:

  • Complete aircraft history, seating & utilization histories, and current technical specifications for aircraft at the serial number
  • Ad-hoc reports
  • Month-over-month trend analyses
  • Details on expected deliveries

Fleet Discovery Civil simplifies:

  • Obtaining fleet at a glance from the Operator standpoint, as well as from the Financial / Lessor standpoint
  • Seeing complete profiles by aircraft and/or engines
  • Viewing the orderbook by Manufacturer, Operator and Owner / Lessor, as well as the deliveries and retirements that have occurred
  • Obtaining the specs for a specific aircraft, with searches that can be done using the registration number or serial number

Fleet Discovery Military

With a database comprised of all military aircraft – piloted and unpiloted, fixed wing and rotary: 70,000 aircraft and 112,000 engines in service from over 40 military operators, Fleet Discovery Military provides unparalleled details on the military fleet you need to track.

The vast database – filterable by aircraft engine, category, mission, lift type, weight class, and more – provides insight into orders placed, specifications for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and more, and simplifies:

  • Obtaining aircraft in service by region, country, and/or operator
  • Seeing how aircraft are piloted – onboard or remotely
  • Viewing a country’s aircraft in service by aircraft category, by mission and by family
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