Aviation Week Intelligence Network's (AWIN) comprehensive suite of defense solutions and services provide valuable insight and opportunities to those within aerospace and defense market. Begin developing your business plans by having access to projected outlooks, extensive databases - including military parts, custom research and much more.

AWIN contains more than 400 airframe and engine programs; 65,000+ manned aircraft of all types in service at more than 250 operators from over 150 countries; proprietary reports and analyses – including the latest U.S. Budget Proposal with analysis during all stages of its evolution – and more, so you can locate new business and increase revenue.
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AWIN's Global Defense Solutions Allow You To:
Strengthen Business Strategies with the Latest Industry Insight
Access Up-to-Date Data to Find New Business Opportunities
Find Intelligence on the Key Developments in the Defense Market
Simplify Planning and Optimize Workflow with Convenient Access
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