Join ASM in their 2022 training program. Delegates will gain an encompassing view of route development, including learning about the fundamentals of the function, experience creating different kinds of forecasts and develop marketing skills to increase traffic. The current global crisis will also be explored, including possible routes toward recovery.

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Fundamentals of Air Service Development
Course Dates and Locations:
August 2 - 3rd - Register Now
Location: 2121 K Street NW, Washington D.C.
December 6th - 7th - Register Now
Location: Informa Ft. Lauderdale
This course offers a comprehensive introduction to air service development, catering primarily to those who are relatively new to the function. An air service network is the most critical element of an airport, generating passenger and cargo volumes, aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues as well as serving as a catalyst for local, regional and national economic growth. This course equips delegates with the practical tools and techniques to attract new routes and growth from airlines.
Key Objectives
  •     The characteristic components of markets
  •     An introductory understanding of airline economics
  •     The importance of airport competitive positioning and target planning
  •     Key selling points of your destination and how to articulate them to airlines
  •     How to organize and implement a route target sales campaign
  •     The most effective ways of approaching and presenting to airlines
  •     The relevance of data, market research and analytics to route development
  •     How to improve your skills to deliver success for your airport or organization
  •     Fundamentals of route support and airline incentive programs

Day 1
1. Introductions & Setting the Scene
2. Introduction to Air Service Development in and beyond the Post-Pandemic World
3. Airline Data: Speaking the Same Language
4. Understanding Airline Economics & Strategies
5. Understanding Your Market

Day 2
1. Preparing Air Service Development Business Cases in Traditional and Post-Pandemic Environments
2. Introduction to Airline Incentive Programs
3. Fundamentals of Air Service Marketing
Traffic Forecasting Data, Tools & Techniques
Course Dates and Locations:
December 8th - 9th - Register Now
Location: Informa Ft. Lauderdale
Route traffic forecasts are a critical component of an airline’s decision-making process when considering new routes. Airlines expect airports and stakeholders to provide as much detailed data and insight into prospective destinations markets as possible. This course will enable delegates to understand the most up-to-date techniques to generate both short and long-term traffic forecasts, including how to utilize appropriate market data, understanding how successful your target route can be, and tips on how to pitch to the airlines.
Key Objectives:
  •  How to produce a route traffic forecast
  • Assumptions and methodologies from real-world examples
  • The latest forecasting techniques, analytics including QSI, MCR and others
  • How to use traffic data, market research and analytics for route forecasting
  • The key outputs airlines want to see in a presentation
  • Benchmarking against competing airports
  • How to manipulate data
  • Practical route forecasts exercises and case studies

Day 1
1. Introductions & Setting the Scene
2. Airline Data Sources & Airport Catchment Analysis
3. Excel Skills
4. Forecasting Overview and QSI

Day 2
1. Stimulation and Forecasting Connecting Flows
2. Long-Term Forecasting Techniques
3. Airline Route Economics
4. Review and Certification
Marketing to Airlines & Incentives
Course Dates and Locations:
August 4th - 5th - Register Now
Location: 2121 K Street NW, Washington D.C.
The growth of the route development function within airports and tourism organizations has propelled forward the importance of marketing to attract new airlines, new routes and to build traffic. The programme will appeal to experienced B2B marketers, route developers and particularly those newly appointed to the aviation marketing function. It will help delegates gain insight into how to create distinctive marketing communications for their airport or tourist organizations ensuring a true competitive advantage in attracting airlines. The importance of airport branding will also be discussed, as well as the application of new digital media and content marketing within airport campaigns. This course is practical, creative and thought provoking, enabling marketers to better plan, build and implement compelling airline marketing campaigns.
Key Objectives:
  •     What drives airline customer decisions?
  •     How airlines are influenced by airport brand and marketing
  •     Differentiation and positioning of your market and service offer
  •     Understanding of new digital and social media platforms
  •     How to create cutting edge campaigns and standout presentations to airlines
  •     The importance of incentives for airlines
  •     Negotiation skills and techniques
  •     Case studies and sharing experiences

Day 1
1. Introductions & Setting the Scene
2. Introduction to Air Service Development in and beyond the Post-Pandemic World
3. Airline Strategy
4. Fundamentals of Airline Data
5. Understanding Your Market

Day 2
1. Understanding Your Market
2. What Makes a Compelling Airline Business Case
3. Airline Incentives and FAA Guidlines for U.S. Airports
4. Air Service Marketing Strategies
Ilona Cambron - Director of Air Service Development
Jeremiah Gerald - Director of Air Service Strategy and Marketing
ASM, the world’s first route development consultancy and founder of Routes events, offers a wide range of services and solutions to help you grow your air service network. Through consultancy services, data and analytics solutions and route development training courses, ASM can guide clients through every step of the route development process, including client representation at Routes events. With a proven record of working with airlines, airports, tourism boards, and economic development boards, ASM’s success is due to a clear focus on results.
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Martine Sahl, Route Development Manager, Strasbourg Airport

“Excellent, very relevant material that will help me to 'up' my game in airline route development.”
Angela Mclean, Interim President and CEO/VP, Saint John Airport
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