Fall 2020 Virtual Workshops
The Fundamentals of Route Development

This virtual workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to air service development, catering primarily to those who are relatively new to the function.

An air service network is the most critical element of an airport, generating passenger and cargo volumes, aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues as well as serving as a catalyst for local, regional and national economic growth. This virtual workshop equips delegates with the practical tools and techniques to attract new routes and growth from airlines.
October 20-21
4:30am EDT | 9:30am BST | 4:30pm SGT
November 3-4
8:30am EST | 1:30pm GMT | 9:30pm SGT
December 10-11
9:30am EDT | 2:30pm GMT | 10:30pm SGT

Long-Term Passenger Traffic Forecasting Techniques

This virtual workshop will take delegates through the different qualitative and quantitative methodologies and techniques for the different types of forecasts, from short term Bottom Up forecasts to long term Econometric forecasts, running practical “hands on” exercises as we go.

The content will examine the different techniques for different forecast scenarios in different markets, what’s required to build the forecast and the steps needed to generate the outputs.
November 10-11
9:00pm PST-1 | 5:00am GMT | 1:00pm SGT
November 18-19
4:30am EST | 9:30am GMT | 5:30pm SGT

Marketing to Airlines & Incentives

The programme will appeal to experienced B2B marketers, route developers and particularly those newly appointed to the aviation marketing function. It will help delegates gain insight into how to create distinctive marketing communications for their airport or tourist organisations ensuring a true competitive advantage in
attracting airlines.

The importance of airport branding will also be discussed, as well as the application of new digital media and content marketing within airport campaigns. This workshop is practical, creative and thought provoking, enabling marketers to better plan, build and implement compelling airline marketing campaigns.
October 15-16
4:30am EDT | 9:30am BST | 4:30pm SGT
November 12-13
9:00pm PST-1 | 5:00am GMT | 1:00pm SGT
November 17-19
9:30am EDT | 2:30pm GMT | 10:30pm SGT

Route Traffic Forecasting, Leakage Studies, Data Tools & Techniques

Route traffic forecasts are a critical component of an airline’s decision-making process when considering new routes. Airlines expect airports and stakeholders to provide as much detailed data and insight into prospective destinations markets as possible.

This virtual workshop will enable delegates to understand the most up-to-date techniques to generate both short and long-term traffic forecasts, including how to utilise appropriate market data, understanding how successful your target route can be, and tips on how to pitch to the airlines.
October 22-23
4:30am EDT | 9:30am BST | 4:30pm SGT
November 5-6
8:30am EST | 1:30pm GMT | 9:30pm SGT

Understanding Airline Network Planning

The virtual workshop will provide fast track foundation learnings for all the key disciplines within the airline network planning role.

The network planning function within an airline addresses the optimisation of how airlines serve markets, how to best deploy their fleets and how decisions are taken to open up new routes and services. Our team of experienced airline industry professionals will take delegates through a comprehensive programme providing clear skills development to support this key airline discipline.
October 27-28
4:30am EDT | 9:30am GMT | 5:30pm SGT