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Aviation Week Intelligence Network's (AWIN) new Market Briefing, Advanced Air Mobility Report, delivers award winning insights, analysis and news covering the rapidly evolving AAM ecosystem. With AWIN’s new Advanced Air Mobility Report service, users receive online access to rich data and content profiles of top companies and aircraft currently shaping the supply chain, plus a curated briefing delivered to your inbox each week so you can quickly and easily follow the market. Sign up now for a limited trial.
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Advanced Air Mobility Report delivers market intelligence covering:

New Technologies, including vehicle conception and specifications, evolving systems and demonstrations and trials - we’ll make sure you see the technology changes so you can change course as needed
Profiling the OEM and Supply Chain Ecosystem to understand who’s building what, M&A activity and how and where you can find opportunity
Investment and Finance, track investments, funding and know when it’s time to move or who to call for investment
Intermodal Transportation Infrastructure, and how cities and airports need to evolve - you’ll see where the opportunities are emerging
Regulatory Updates covering the management of air space, certification processes and emerging standards developed by organizations like ASTM, SAE, EASA, RTCA, etc.
As a leader in market intelligence serving all sectors of aerospace and aviation, AWIN is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving market.